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Here & Chic is a visualized virtual social community, and at the same time, it is an ultimate sales and marketing platform for luxury and fashion brands.

Creating a one stop solution from social content development to product sales for brands, retailers and KOLs, shortening the process for users from receiving product information, interest generations to actually placing orders on the products.

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Distribution of Brand Value Constructing a new language, marketing tools specially for the new generation youth market, creating an interactive and entertaining socialized distribution, all constituting a valuable message distribution


Development of a Multi-Dimension Ecosystem for Fashion trends By integrating Artists, celebrities, KOL and customers into the interactive role playing contents, developing a soft marketing tools for users and customers, emerging a valueable, multi-Dimension Ecosystem.


The function of the commodity radar amplifies the initiative of the customer, shortens the purchase path of the consumer, reduces the user's choice cost, and brings up the accurate big data for the promotion of the brand sales.


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Users can enjoy role playing while reading the content, creating a new, interactive and lively experience. Also, fashion items and brands will be able to play as a vital substantial marketing role in this interactive stories in conversation format without interfering users to enjoy this “Role Play Reading” experience.

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Youth imagination after the "dialogue body"
By It168 | 29 Jan 2018

HereChic takes the baton hooked, opens the "dialogue body" after the youth imagination.

HereChic Unlocking the new postures after 95
By China| 12 Dec 2017

Recently, a new embarrassment map was suddenly detonated by college students. It can use dialogue role virtual role play to make 95 open Tucao.

The KOL change time Coming soon
By Sina | 10 Jan 2018

The integration of fashion content and fashion products is a natural way of thinking and has a stable output capacity

Generation Z parallel universe 1 full line
By sohu | 11 May 2018

Reading market new species has more epoch indications in evolution.

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